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Pendants or Charms
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Pendants or Charms Type:
Ruby and diamond pendant
Jewelry Main Material:
14K yellow gold
Main Stone:


Ruby and diamond pendant 6.3 x 7.3 mm oval shape, VS transparent to translucent and very well cut

This classic style Ruby and diamond pendant is designed with a 2.19 ct excellent color Burma ruby ,6.3 x 7.3 mm oval shape, VS transparent to translucent and very well cut , the center stone is prong set as well as the accent diamonds : 12 pcs of round brilliant cut white diamonds SI-G to H in color with a total weight of
0.031 ct.
Gold Weight : 2.10 grams of 14K yellow gold
Dimensions : 0.40 X 3/4 of an inch
Ruby origin : Burma
Ruby Treatment : heat and clarity enhancement ( common treatement )



Burmese, call it "King of Gems", country people call it the "desire fulfilling stone" because it make dreams come true. Ruby is the color of passion and love. The birthstone for July born babies, whenever mentioned, the magic word of Burma Red comes to the mind.  


Unlike most Gems, with the exception of Colombia for Emeralds, Rubies are sold as being from Burma or not from Burma. The best grade of Burma Ruby is sold as "Burma Red" or Pigeon Blood Color." It is the most beautiful magical red with a distinctive glow, especially in sun, daylight, sometime with a bubbly pinkish tone and purplish deep red under incandescent light. When two Rubies of comparable quality are offered for sale, the one from Burma often cost twice as much. No other Rubies have the vibrancy of the Burmese Ruby.


The 4 Cs: Color, Color, Color and Color.

Unlike most of Gems, color is almost the most important determining factor when evaluating a Ruby. Unlike the Sapphire that comes in every possible color except red, Ruby is only Red. The trade accepts a touch of purplish red overtone since it is a part of the pigeon blood Red Color. Pink Corundum is pink sapphire. Pink rubies do not exist. They are misnomers. A slight pinkish overtone in a Burma Ruby is acceptable if it does not exceed 10 or 20% of the Color evaluations. Since rubies are classified as almost always included, a flawless 2ct Ruby is almost impossible to find, most buyers go first for color, requesting a slightly included or an eye clean stone. Buyers, who insist in buying a large flawless ruby, usually sacrifice the color or the money.